Custom Watches

Haute Horlogerie and High Jewellery Artistry of the Basse Broye

Basse Broye proposes to customised watch decoration. Our jeweller artistes are putting their talents at your disposition to decorate your Basse Broye Watch to your character, individuality, wishes and dreams. Or discover our Jewellery Masterpiece collection combining the most challenging gem-setting techniques from the jewellers bench with the highest skills of the Swiss watchmaking world.

Independence & Creativity

Freedom begets creativity. Our commitment to this principle guides us in creating the most prestigious timepieces of the highest quality and value. This principle was crystallised by the founders, who envisioned a company that was “large enough to be strong, yet small enough to be free”.

Exclusivity & Prestige

Basse Broye timepieces are handcrafted using only most precious metals, highest quality gemstones and top-graded diamonds. To ensure utmost exclusivity, our timepieces comprise highly limited collections, single-piece creations, and custom-made commissions.

Tradition & Innovation

Superlative finishing, fastidious gem-setting, artful engraving and breath-taking miniature painting – Basse Broye timepieces are emblematic of a great artisanal watch brand. Our timepieces are works of art handcrafted by master watchmakers, artisans and gem-setters using a mix time-honoured techniques, and state-of-the-art micro-engineering.

Black Diamonds Chronograph

Just like watchmaking, the art of gem-setting is practised as an art. Performed in close collaboration with our designers, Basse Broye practices traditional gems hand setting techniques to embellish your timepiece. While diamonds remain the most coveted gemstones for their rarity and scintillation, Basse Broye regards the world of gems full of possibilities, incorporating precious stones such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires as well as semi-precious stones such as amethyst, topaz and hematite and countless others to transform your watch into your unique timepiece. Based on your desired design, our gem-setters opt for bead, claw, bezel, invisible, inset and channel settings in which brilliant, baguette, princess and pear-cut diamonds are used or combined. Basse Broye goes to great extents in procuring gems from 100% secured and certified origins.